Hacked by kendri

./kendri: Greetings Admin
./kendri: The page you are looking for has been defaced
./kendri: Defaced by kendri for You
./kendri: Do not panic!
./kendri: Please patch your security as soon as possible
./kendri: To avoid further attacks! No Files Are Deleted

./kendri: Finding target ....
./kendri: Target Found ...
./kendri: Execute...!!!
./kendri: Hacking Is Not Crime
./kendri: Hacking Is Art
./kendri: Hacking Is My Game

Special Greets: USTADCAGE_48 - Indonesian Cyber Freedom - Defacer Indonesia - And You !
Message: Sorry Admin Your Site Just My Test, Please Patch Your Security
Contact Me: kendrii@muslim.com
Have A Nice Day

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