Durga Puja Pandals 2013 , Famous Durga Puja Pandals

Monday, 16 September 2013

Here is the list of Ten famous Durga Puja Pandals in Kolkata.



Bagbazaar is one of the oldest Durga Puja pandals in Kolkata, having been in existence for around 100 years.This pandal always attracts the crowds with its strikingly beautiful idol of Goddess Durga. This pandal is located in North Kolkata along the river in Bagbazaar.

Kumartuli Park

Kumartuli Park is a popular pandal in kolkata .It's particularly special because it takes place in the area where many of the Durga idols are handcrafted by professional clay modelers. This pandal is located in North Kolkata, along the river at Kumartuli Park, just before Bagbazar.

 College Square

College Square has a really picturesque setting beside a lake, and the whole area is illuminated for the festival. The crowd flocks to this pandal to see the sparkling lights and their reflection on the water. It's best visited at night.
 This pandal is located in Central Kolkata.

Mohammad Ali Park

This pandal is located in a large park. It's another famous crowd puller  with an elaborate and eye catching display during durga Puja.

Santosh Mitra Square

Santosh Mitra Square rose to fame in 1997 with a particularly innovative theme, and has remained popular ever since. It's known for its remarkable art work. This pandal is located in Central Kolkata in the Bow Bazaar Area.

Badamtala Ashar Sangha

Badamtala Ashar Sangha is a long standing Durga Puja pandal which is around 75 years old.  It also has a special place in people's hearts. From humble beginnings it grew to win an award for creative excellence in 2010.This Pandal is located in South Kolkata.

Suruchi Sangha

Suruchi Sangha entertains visitors with a cultural extravaganza and outdoor display, themed on a different state of India each year.   The Durga idols are modeled on how they look in each state as well. Although this puja pandal is more than 50 years old, it first found fame in 2003 when it won an award for the best decorated pandal. It won the award again in 2009.

Ekdalia Evergreen

Ekdalia Evergreen is an elaborate pandal with exotic decor and lighting. This pandal has become well known for its magnificent replicas of temples from all over India.  It's also best visited at night.This pandal is located in South Kolkata.

Bose Pukur Sitala Mandir

Bose Pukur Sitala Mandir is a multi-award winning Durga Puja pandal.The unique themes each year  are the main attraction. This pandal is located in South Kolkata.

Jodhpur Park

Jodhpur Park durga puja pandal is one of the most popular ones in south Kolkata. Its themes have been vast and varied, with some years more traditional than others.This pandal is located in South Kolkata.

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