Durga Puja "दुर्गा पूजा" درگا پوجا 2014, Dates Of Durga, Durga Puja 2014 , Durgashtami 2014
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Durga Puja Special Trains 2013


Train number 03125/03126  Kolkata and Delhi (Anand Vihar Terminal) Special Train.

Train number 03125/03126 would run between Kolkata and Delhi (Anand Vihar Terminal). It would depart from Kolkata at 1:45 pm and go through Burdwan, Durgapur, Asansol, Dhanbad,Gomo, Kodarma, Gaya, Dehri-on-Son, Sasaram, Bhabua Road and reach Mughalsarai at 2:00 am, Allahabad at 4:35 am, Kanpur at 7:15 am and terminate at Anand Vihar Terminal at 1:50 pm.

In the return  the train would depart from Anand Vihar Terminal at 7:50 pm and reach Kanpur at 1:45 am, Allahabad at 4:25 am, Mughalsarai at 6:45 am and terminate at Kolkata at 6:10 pm.

The train would depart from Kolkata every Saturday from October 5 to November 9 and from Anand Vihar Terminal every Sunday from October 6 to November 10. It would comprise one AC-II tier, two AC-III tier, ten sleeper and three general coaches.


Train number 03113/03114 Sealdah and New Delhi Special Train

Train number 03113/03114 would run between Sealdah and New Delhi. It would depart from Sealdah at 11:55 pm and pass through Burdwan, Durgapur, Asansol, Dhanbad, Gaya and arrive at Mughalsarai at 10:10 am, Allahabad at 12:15 pm, Kanpur at 3:25 pm and terminate at New Delhi at 11:30 pm. During the return journey, the train would depart from New Delhi at 11:45 pm and arrive at Kanpur at 6:40 am, Allahabad at 9:10 am, Mughalsarai at 11:50 am and terminate at Sealdah at 10:45 pm. This train would depart from Sealdah every Friday from October 4 to November 11 and from New Delhi every Saturday from October 5 to November 30. It would have one AC first class, three coaches of AC-II tier, nine coaches of AC-III tier and two coaches of pantry cars.


South Eastern Railway will run Superfast Weekly Special Trains between Santragachi and Anand Vihar Terminus (train numbers 08033/08034) to clear extra rush of passengers owing to Durga pooja :


  Train will leave Santragachi  at 08.45 hrs. every Mondays from 08/04/2013 to 24/06/2013 i.e., 08/04, 15/04, 22/04, 29/04, 06/05, 13/05, 20/05, 27/05, 03/06, 10/06, 17/06 and 24/06/2013 (12 trips).Train will reach at Anand Vihar Terminus  at 11.50 hrs. on the next  day ( Tuesdays ).

In the return direction Train will leave Anand Vihar Terminus at 13.30 hrs. every Tuesdays  from 09/04/2013 to 25/06/2013 i.e., 09/04, 16/04, 23/04, 30/04, 02/05, 14/05, 21/05, 28/05, 04/06119/06, 18/06 and 25/06/2013 (12 trips)..Train will reach at Santragachi at 20.30 hrs. on the next day ( Wednesdays ).

The Superfast Weekly Special trains will pass through Kharagpur, Tatanagar, Purulia, Gomo, Gaya Jn., Mughalsarai Jn., Allahabad Jn. and Kanpur Central  stations in both the directions.


Train number 03125/03126 Kolkata-Anand Vihar Terminal weekly superfast festival special via Dankuni will run for 14 trips from October 13 from Kolkata and from Anand Vihar from October 14. The train will run till November 24 from Kolkata and till November 25 from Anand Vihar. The train will have stoppages at Mughalsarai, Allahabad and Kanpur stations in both the directions.

 TRAIN COMPOSITION : AC-2-Tier 1,AC-3-Tier 2 , Sleeper Class 10 , General - Second Class 2 ,SLR/SLRD 2.


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Varanasi-Delhi Junction Special Trains for Durga Puja 2013.

Train No 04203/04204 Varanasi-Delhi Junction Express special (tri-weekly): Train number 04203 will depart from Varanasi at 6.15pm from October 2 till November 20 on every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday and reach Delhi Junction at 10.10am the next day.

In the return direction, Train number 04204 will depart from Delhi Junction at 1.20pm from October 3 till November 21 on every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday and reach Varanasi at 5.55am the next day.

The train will have stoppages at Sultanpur, Lucknow, Bareilly, Moradabad and Ghaziabad stations in both the directions.
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Lucknow-New Delhi Special Trains for Durga Puja 2013

04201/04202 Lucknow-New Delhi Express Special Train

Train number 04201 will depart from Lucknow at 9.30pm from October 1 to November 19 on every Sunday, Tuesday and Friday and reach New Delhi at 6.40am the next day.

Train number 04202 will depart from New Delhi at 7.30pm from October 2 to November 20 on every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday and reach Lucknow at 04.45am the next day.

Comprises : One first-AC, one 2-tier AC, one 3-tier AC, five sleeper class and four general second cum luggage van coaches.

The train will have stoppages at Bareilly, Moradabad and Ghaziabad stations in both the directions.
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Train No 08033/08034 Kolkata Santragachi – Delhi Anand Vihar T – Santragachi Weekly Special Train

Train No 08033 Durga Puja special express will leave from Kolkata Santragachi SRC to Delhi Anand Vihar on all Mondays in October (7, 14, 21, 28) and November (4, 11, 18, 25) 2013 at 08:45.

Train No 08034 Durga Puja special express will leave from Delhi Anand Vihar Terminus ANVT to Kolkata Santragachi o­n all Tuesdays in October (8,15, 22, 29) and November (5, 16, 19, 26) 2013 at 13:30.

Composition: ONE AC 2 tier, 01 AC 3 tier, 08 Sleeper Coaches, 05 General Second Class, 02 SLRs.

Halting : Kharagpur, Tatanagar, Purulia, NSCB Gomoh, Dehri-on-Sone, Sasaram, Mughalsarai, Allahabad, Kanpur Central.
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Train No. 02552 Kamakhya to Yesvantpur Superfast Special Train

Train will leave Kamakhya at 14.00 hrs. on every Wednesday from 02/10/2013 to 27/11/2013 i.e., 02/10, 09/10, 16/10, 23/10, 30/10, 06/11, 13/11, 20/11 and 27/11/2013 (09 trips). Train will reach Yesvantpur at 18.30 hrs. on the third day (Friday).

Train No. 02551 Yesvantpur to Kamakhya Superfast special train

Train will leave Yesvantpur at 08.30 hrs. on every Saturday from 05/10/2013 to 30/11/2013 i.e.,05/10, 12/10, 19/10, 26/10, 02/11, 09/11, 16/11, 23/11and 30/11/2013 (09 trips)..
Train will reach Kamakhya at 13.30 hrs. on the third day (Monday).

One AC First Class cum AC – 2 - tier, one AC – 2 – tier, one AC – 3 – tier, six
Sleeper Class, six General Second Class and two Luggage cum cum Van Coaches.
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