Ganesh Chaturthi Sms in English ,Ganesh Chaturthi Sms

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As rains bless the Earth
Likewise may Lord Ganesha Bless you
With never ending Happiness
Keep smiling & receiting
Ganapatti Bappa Moorya!
Happy Ganesh Chaturthi!!!



Wishing you never ending happiness like Ganesha’s appetite
Life as long as his trunk
Troubles as small as his mouse
Memories as sweet as his moddaks
Happy Ganesh Chaturthi!!!



Ganesh Maharajki Jai… May Lord Ganesh removes all

obstacles, and gives U happiness to you and your family and entire to the society.

Happy Ganesh Chaturthi…………



Bakthi Ganapathi..
Sakthi Ganapathi..
Siddhi Ganapathi..
Lakshmi Ganapathi..
Maha Ganapathi..
May this Ganesh Chaturthi brings you
Bakthi, Shakthi, Siddhi, Laskhmi and Maha samriddh



Wishing you happiness as big as Ganesh's appetite
life is long as his trunk
trouble as small as his mouse
and moments as sweet as his laddus
 Happy Ganesh Chaturthi



Ganapati - Lord of all Gods
Alampata - Infinite Lord
Nideeshwaram - Bestower of Treasures & Riches
Eshanputra - Son of Lord Shiva
Siddhidata - Giver of Success
Harida - Golden colored
Avighna - Remover of all difciculties & obstacles
May Lord Ganesha
showers his finest blessings on you...
Today and always.

Happy Ganesh Chaturthi



This, is a special time when family….
And friends get together, for fun….
Wishing laughter and fun to cheer your days…
In this festive season of GANESHA PUJA and always….!
“Happy Ganesh Puja”….

Smiling is a sign of one’s good mood.
Laughing is a sign of happiness.
Praying is a sign of good faith.
Have “YOU” as my Friend is a
sign of Ganesha’s Blessings!
Happy Ganesh Chaturthy.


I know that Ganesha is happy with me…
For he has made my life so rich
with a friend like you.
Happy Ganesh Chaturthi
May this Ganesh Chaturthi bring
happiness in your life
Hatred be far apart from your life.
Enjoy the festival with love on your heart
and good wishes for others.
Happy Ganesh Chaturthi


May Lord Ganesha come to your house and

take away all your Laddus n Modaks…..

with all your worries and sorrows……

Shubh Ganesh Chaturthi……..

I know that Ganesha is happy with me….
For he has made my life so rich…..
with a friend like you……
Happy Ganesh Chaturthi……

May god gives you- a rainbow for every storm,
a smile for every tear,
a promise for every care,
an answer to every prayer.
Wish you a happy ganesh puja….



I wish you Happy Ganesh Chaturthi and

I pray to God for your happy and peaceful life.

May you find all the delights of life,

May your all dreams come true.

Happy Ganesh Chaturthi…



Ganesha bring U and your family lots and lots of
Sweetness and
Happy Ganesh Chaturthi


May the destroyer of evil
Grace you with peace and love
And blessings be showered upon you
From heaven up above
Happy Ganesh Chaturthi


Hoping This Ganesh Chatrurthi
Will Be The Start Of Year That
Brings Happiness For You.
Happy Ganesh Chaturthi!




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