Festivals of Mithila-Mithilanchal-Culture of Mithila-Maithili

Friday, 25 March 2011

The Mithila region is rich with culture and traditions, including the worship of the goddess of power, Durga. Every home of Mithila has its own god or goddess known as a kuldevta. The people generally live in larger families. The Hindu festivals are widely celebrated : Makar Sankranti (14 January), Basant Panchami, Saraswati Puja, Shivratri. Holi, Ram Navami, New Year (Mesha Sankranti on 14 April usually, Janaki Navami (Baishakh Shukla 9), Batsavitri, Madhushravani, Nagpanchami, Rakshabandhan,Krishna Janmashtami,Chauth Chandra, Durga Puja, Kojagara (Sharad Purnima), Diwali, Bhatridwitiya, Chhathi, Akshya Navami, Devotthan Ekadashi, Sama Chakeba,Kartik Purnima, Vivaha Panchami,etc. in which some are specific in Mithila such as Chauth Chandra when Ganesh Chaturthi in Bhadrapad is celebrated rest of India, and Indra Puja in Ashwin Krishna Paksha and So Bhatridwitiya and Sama Chakeba in Kartik Shuklapaksha-are festivals for brothers and sisters apart from Rakhabandhan as in other parts of Indian subcontinent.


It is during the winter season that the birds from the Himalayas migrate towards the plains. With the advent of these colorful birds, celebration of sama–chakeva is done. This is a festival especially celebrated in mithila. mithilanchal dedicates this festival to the celebration of the brother sister relationship. It represents the tradition of this land as well as the art of making idols. This festival starts with the welcoming of the pair of birds sama-chakeva. Girls make clay idols of various birds and decorate them in their own traditional ways. Various rituals are performed and the festival joyfully ended with the ‘vidai’ of sama and with a wish that these birds return to this land the next year.


A Hindu festival celebrated in all parts of the country. This is the auspicious day when lord RAMA was born. People celebrate it observing fasts and offering prayers in his honour. 

Madhu Shravani of Mithila
The art of Mithila is also linked to religious ceremonies, particularly marriage and its consequence, procreation in Bihar.The women of Mithila are largely illiterate and these exquisite paintings created for ritual ocassions are a means of their cultural expression.



Batasavitri :
This is the festival observed by married women in Mithila on the last day of the dark half of the month(amabasya) of Jyestha of the Hindu calender(June).On this day they keep fast,worship the Bunyan tree and pray for the longevity of their husband.The basis of this is found in the Puranic story of Savitri and Satyavan.

The story tells that Savitri got back her husband alive by penance and worship.On seeing the unflinching faith and love for her husband the God of death ,Yamaraj bestowed life to Satyavan .The day is dedicated to observing prayer for everlasting conjugal love between the wife and husband and their longevity.
Bihula :
Bihula is a prominent festival of eastern Bihar especially famous in Bhagalpur district. There are many myths related to this festival. People pray to goddess Mansa for the welfare of their family