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Guruparv poem-Guruparv song-Gurpurab poem -Gurpurab song

Kindly post here Guruparv Poem and Song...Guruparv poem-Guruparv song-Gurpurab poem -Gurpurab song
Discussion started by sujata mishra , on 2209 days ago
Nitin Mukesh
Nanak Naam chardi Kalaa,
Tere Bhane Sarbat Da Bhala”
Dhan Dhan sahib sri guru nanak dev ji de aagan,
Purab di aap sub nu lakh lakh vadhaai…
Happy Guru Nanak Jayanti 2012
1471 days ago
sujata mishra
On a maiden day, in Patna,
beneath the radiant sun,
comes forth from the heavens,
a melody just once heard before.

The gods and angels await...
The universe in silence still,
From the will of God Almighty,
comes forth Justice, in splendid form.

The prayers of the saints, the terror stricken poor,
are heard by God, and justice served.
The house of Nanak, the womb of Mata Gujri,
comes forth a child, heavenly adorned...

Radiant is Thy nature,
sacrifice Thy personality,
justice is Thy sword,
God's will Thy obey, in humility.

At nine did Thee send forth,
in a cause for suffering humanity.
Thy father unto his death,
to save Hinduism, from mortality.

Thou art like Guru Arjun Dev,
whom suffered tortures inhumane.
Who praised the Lord All Mighty,
uttering, while being tortured

"Sweet is Thy Will, Oh Lord,
I ask only for Thy Name"...
Who can Thou possibly be,
I know Thee as Guru Gobind Singh Ji...

Guru Gobind Singh Ji,
at the age of play,
Thou arose to the challenge,
not once did Thy fail.

Thou sacrificed all, the baby Princes
at a playful age of 6 and 8.
Thy teen aged Princes, martyred in battle,
for the cause of Sikhi, and freedom of religion.

Thou mother also sacrificed,
upholding Dharma,
Guru Gobind Singh Ji,
supreme are Thy sacrifices.

Great is Thy Victory,
Great is Thy Courage,
Great is Thy Khalsa,
Great is Thy Name.

Bravery if one were to learn,
befitting is Thy name.
Compassion if one were to seek,
knowest Thou one attain.

Love, if ever its true meaning known,
who else be but Thee.
Justice, if ever the world were to learn,
no further then your courts does one have to see.
Guru Gobind Singh Ji,
none in the Three Worlds, can match sword with Thee.
Thy bow is magical, from which arrows of lightening flee.
Thy Eagle, Blue Stallion are themselves heavenly.

Guru Gobind Singh Ji,
Thou art Poetry,
which soothes the minds
of all Thy devotees.

Guru Gobind Singh Ji,
Thy beauty is supreme, fulfilling all hearts.
Guru Gobind Singh Ji,
I have no words, that are befitting Thee.

Guru Gobind Singh, fulfil Thy devotees hearts desire.
Guru Gobind Singh, the True King of kings,
Guru Gobind Singh, the True Servant of those in need.
Guru Gobind Singh, the True Messenger of bliss.

Guru Gobind Singh, the Enlightener of the soul,
Guru Gobind Singh, in whose hands reside God's Treasures,
Give this foolish Jas, the Medicine,
for which my Hearts pains can be remedied.

Guru Gobind Singh Ji, may I forever,
be a sacrifice unto Thee.
2209 days ago
sujata mishra
The world, my friends, my family and I
search for answers to enlighten our lives.
Tempted by society, disillusioned am I
The Truth my curse, brings my ego pain.

The guilt, the knowledge of my many sins
I fear, leave forgotten, reality don't face.
I hide in darkness, shattered life I live.
The Truth can't face, too difficult it is.

When will I answer the call of my soul?
The Truth, my support, my livelihood.
Oh Nanak, Jas begs, enlightenment I seek
ferry me across this ocean drowning me.

Give me the Truth, my mind wash clean
bathe heart in love, my soul please free.
Oh Nanak, Jas begs the key to unlock maya' chains
your shabad, mind enlightens, soul freedom attains.
2209 days ago
sujata mishra
Guru Nanak is in the stars and skies,
Guru Nanak's love light never dies.

Guru Nanak's in the rivers and seas,
Guru Nanak's in the grass and trees.

Guru Nanak hears each being's cries,
Guru Nanak's love light never dies.

Guru Nanak's in the desert and dune,
Guru Nanak's the Shabad Kirtan tune.

Guru Nanak's in the sun and moon,
Guru Nanak's with me night and noon.

Guru Nanak's in my heart and soul,
Guru Nanak's vision is my greatest goal.

Guru Nanak's Naam is in every breath,
Guru Nanak's Amrit destroys death.

Guru Nanak's hand is above my hair,
Guru Nanak protects me everywhere.

Guru Nanak's in each beating heart,
Guru Nanak's the dawn after dark.

Guru Nanak's the light of my life,
Guru Nanak's my Father higher than high.

Guru Nanak is Guru Granth Sahib jee,
Guru Nanak's in our lives eternally.

Guru Nanak is my very best friend,
I bow to Guru Nanak again and again.
2209 days ago